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25 Jun

After a long hiatus from S.O.F., I’ve decided it is time to come back. What has happened? Well, for one, the coworker who shared his love for fútbol with me just moved to a new city. Needless to say, I was very sad and almost cried.

On a more positive note, I just bought myself a huge HD Smart TV, only so that I can watch fútbol better.  Now I can clearly see that Uruguayan Edinson Cavani really only tapped Chilean Gonzalo Jara in the face after the latter stuck his finger up his butt (*GASP*) in yesterday’s  Copa America quarterfinal clash! In case you didn’t know, Cavani is a heterosexual man who happens to be married, so I am sure he wasn’t exactly delighted with Jara’s groping. Of course, Jara put on a HUGE show and the ref, who only saw Cavani’s butthurt 🙂 reaction, ended up sending the Uruguayan off the pitch with a second yellow card.  CONMEBOL is looking further into this.

Also, the International Champions Cup is coming up, and Barcelona will play LA Galaxy at the Los Angeles RoseBowl next month.  My brother and I already bought our tickets and are very excited, since we’ve never seen the Champions League’s current titleholder play live.

It is a beautiful day in San Diego (I mean, it’s only America’s Finest City :p), and I’m going out for a walk with my friend. Stay informed!



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