I Can’t Even Stand This Futbol Blasphemy

26 Sep

We all know that futbol isn’t at the top of America’s most watched sports list, but, come on, do people have such pitiful futbol knowledge around here?! Or am I just obsessed? I’d like to think that I don’t need a psychologist just yet! Take a look at this video:

In the video, Clint Dempsey approaches a few New Yorkers and asks for their thoughts on the US Men’s National Team, and what they thought about their rendition in the World Cup.  He even goes as far as to ask them about himself, Clint Dempsey, the captain of the squad. Their responses had me simultaneously laughing and shaking my head at their failed knowledge. I know that if Clint Dempsey were to approach me, I would immediately start jumping up and down in a state of high elation.

As futbol lovers, we must do something to change this unacceptable situation! I’m hoping that David Villa and Kaka’s move to the United States will give futbol more visibility – granted that people know who they are in the first place!  Too bad they’re on loan and currently playing in Melbourne and Sao Paolo, respectively.

I’m off to brainstorming for a campaign to increase futbol knowledge in the United Sates. Maybe I will start by printing pictures of Clint Dempsey and the national team and posting it on everybody’s office door tomorrow. We need to think globally but act locally.

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