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El SUPER Clásico: Messi’s Comeback, Ramos’ Unpunished Penalty, & Valdés Loses His Cool

3 Mar

Last night, my crush asked me out on an early hiking date this morning. How dare he! I could not believe he didn’t remember that this morning (in my time zone) we had not only any Clásico, but El SUPER Clásico. I mean, how can anybody on Earth forget? This is a special kind of Clásico because it is a La Liga Clásico. It is not one of the Copa del Rey or the Champions League. This is the real deal. As always, we had our players breaking records, shooting great goals, and a very special instance of drama that cannot be overlooked. I’m very excited to write this post.

World Famous Tantrum of the Week

The World Famous Tantrum of the Week

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Birthday Boy Cristiano Redeems Himself With a Hat-Trick Against Sevilla

10 Feb
Everybody bow, it's my birthday

“Everybody rise, it’s my birthday.”

I have been pretty busy doing a photo shoot for The Stilettos of Fútbol. This Thursday I visited Sweetwater High School and shot some pictures in its football field. It’s about time to jazz up this place with interesting images and colors, don’t you think?

On a similar note, Real Madrid did some major jazzing up today.

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