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PSG’s League 1 Title – Victory, Fight, Beers, Hugs, Jumps, Riots, and the Hospital

14 May

This year’s Happiest Couple on Campus

France’s current star team Paris Saint Germain saw it all this weekend – a goal, beers, parties, an argument, and even the hospital.  On Sunday, PSG secured the Ligue 1 title after defeating Olympique Lyonnais 1-0 with a goal from Menes.  This is PSG’s first League 1 title since 1994 and the third in its 43-year history.  Naturally, Ancelotti’s men were very happy lads.   Continue reading

El SUPER Clásico: Messi’s Comeback, Ramos’ Unpunished Penalty, & Valdés Loses His Cool

3 Mar

Last night, my crush asked me out on an early hiking date this morning. How dare he! I could not believe he didn’t remember that this morning (in my time zone) we had not only any Clásico, but El SUPER Clásico. I mean, how can anybody on Earth forget? This is a special kind of Clásico because it is a La Liga Clásico. It is not one of the Copa del Rey or the Champions League. This is the real deal. As always, we had our players breaking records, shooting great goals, and a very special instance of drama that cannot be overlooked. I’m very excited to write this post.

World Famous Tantrum of the Week

The World Famous Tantrum of the Week

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Callejón Claims Messi is a Smack Talker

2 Feb

In this past Wednesday’s Clásico, it seems that the drama between Barcelona and Real Madrid extended beyond the pitch and into the Bernabeu parking lot! And no, it was not between the fans, it was between Barça’s Lionel Messi and Madrid’s Aitor Karanka and Álvaro Arbeloa. Real Madrid winger Jose María Callejón claims that Messi waited over an hour after the match and launched verbal attacks against assistant coach Karanka. Continue reading

CR7 v. Pep Guardiola: Cat Fights and Grudges

12 Jan

For all you Madridistas and Blaugranes out there (or just fútbol lovers looking for a little amusement), do you remember this ultra cat fight on November 29, 2010, initiated by Pep Guardiola and Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Sergio Ramos: Sad Breakup

10 Jan

“Why can’t I sit with you?!?”
image via SGsports

Star defender Sergio Ramos was kicked out for bidding a not-so-friendly adieu to ref Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez in last night’s Celta Vigo v. Real Madrid confrontation. As I explained on my last post, Sergio was sent off the pitch after earning two yellow cards that automatically turned into a red card. BeIN Sport reports that he called the referee a “sinverguenza” (shameless crook) and continued to fire insults as he exited the stage. But how dare Ayza Gamez expel him?!

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