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La Pulga Biónica Will Be Out for Two or Three Weeks

14 May

Today is a beautifully warm spring day in San Diego. I woke up to the sound of birds singing so loudly that I couldn’t concentrate on my squat challenge.  I didn’t mind much, though.  The music of nature is never a bad distraction.  Oh my goodness, I’m now freaking myself out with this poetic talk. 

Messi 1

Poor prom queen

   Anyway, my morning happiness was clouded by some very bad news concerning four-time FIFA’s Player of the Year, His Majestic  Highness, La Pulga Lionel Messi.  Continue reading


El SUPER Clásico: Messi’s Comeback, Ramos’ Unpunished Penalty, & Valdés Loses His Cool

3 Mar

Last night, my crush asked me out on an early hiking date this morning. How dare he! I could not believe he didn’t remember that this morning (in my time zone) we had not only any Clásico, but El SUPER Clásico. I mean, how can anybody on Earth forget? This is a special kind of Clásico because it is a La Liga Clásico. It is not one of the Copa del Rey or the Champions League. This is the real deal. As always, we had our players breaking records, shooting great goals, and a very special instance of drama that cannot be overlooked. I’m very excited to write this post.

World Famous Tantrum of the Week

The World Famous Tantrum of the Week

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El Clásico: Barcelona’s Second Embarassment in Five Days

27 Feb
Ángel Di María had Carles Puyol doing the splits (via 101greatgoals)

Ángel Di María had Carles Puyol doing the splits (via 101greatgoals)

My abs are sore. Not from my workout earlier today, but from seeing Puyol do the splits in today’s El Clásico in the Camp Nou or should I say Camp Mou?. Should I have foreseen such an action-filled Clásico tonight, I would not have done so many planks this morning. Even Sir Alex Ferguson graced the Camp Nou with his appearance! Continue reading

El Clásico. Enough Said.

31 Jan

I’m ashamed for not stopping by and posting anything for a few days; it’s a rather hectic unemployed life! However, I think that when we have a Clásico, the world should stop for 90 minutes, and every soul should fill their brains with images of Real Madrid and Barcelona in action in the same pitch. This is a time of hefty bets, insults, fist punches, jaw drops, tight stomachs, nail polish chipping, nail biting, knuckle cracking, clapping, hugging, yelling, singing, OMG’s, etc. I always worry for the fans who have diabetes or high blood pressure during this time. Needless to say, here in The Stilettos of Fútbol, a Clásico always earns a 10 in the scale of stiletto height, regardless of the final score or the players going all thug on each other. Here’s the recap of tonight’s El Clásico that ended with a 1-1 tie.

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2012 FIFA Ballon d’Or Pageant Queens

7 Jan
image via

image via
My guess is that when you’re the best player in the world, you get the Ballon d’Or even while wearing a polka dotted tux

I almost had a panic attack at work this morning because I was to miss the 2012 Ballon d’Or ceremony (there is no TV here!).  Luckily, I found online live streaming via FIFA on YouTube. I got you the breakdown of the nominees and winners for each award presented earlier  today.  The victors are in highlighted bold.  Enjoy!
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