The Return…and Exit

15 May
via AFP

Don’t go!!!!!! *tears* (image via AFP)


OK, I fail for not blogging in the LONGEST. But, I was looking through futbol news this morning, and I saw SO MUCH material to share with all of you, that I HAD to post something.





That’s right, Spain and FC Barcelona’s thirty-six-year-old defender Carles Puyol is retiring from futbol. After a 15-year career, Puyi is calling it a day. In 593 total appearances, he won 21 tropies, including:Puyi Celebrating the World Cup Championship (image via AP)

  • 6 La Liga titles
  • 3 Champions League Championships
  • 2 Spanish Cups
  • 1 European Championship
  • 1 World Cup 

Pretty impressive, eh?

Puyol gave a press conference where he announced his retirement from Barcelona due to an ongoing knee injury. Needless to say, Barca has devoted a piece of their club website to his farewell. After all, he was the Barcelona captain since 2004. These are a bit of Puyi’s adieu words:

“I’ve lived the dream of so many young kids, doing what I most enjoy in life, playing football and training. I’ve won lots of titles but the most important thing is the human warmth and feeling I take from this club. I came here as a boy and I’m leaving with a family who I’m really proud of.”

We certainly are sad that such a star is leaving futbol.  Puyi, please keep in touch!


2 Responses to “The Return…and Exit”

  1. Aleks May 15, 2014 at 7:16 pm #

    One of the last pure defenders out there.

    • stilettosoffutbol May 15, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

      Indeed! I would say he was among the elite

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