PSG’s League 1 Title – Victory, Fight, Beers, Hugs, Jumps, Riots, and the Hospital

14 May

This year’s Happiest Couple on Campus

France’s current star team Paris Saint Germain saw it all this weekend – a goal, beers, parties, an argument, and even the hospital.  On Sunday, PSG secured the Ligue 1 title after defeating Olympique Lyonnais 1-0 with a goal from Menes.  This is PSG’s first League 1 title since 1994 and the third in its 43-year history.  Naturally, Ancelotti’s men were very happy lads.  

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was especially happy. He has now won domestic titles in Holland, Italy, Spain, and France, and, having scored twenty-eight goals, is this season’s top scorer. 

PSG 2 The celebration began in the pitch…


and extended into the dressing room.

PSG 8However, the festivities were interrupted by Ibrahimovic’s tantrum.  In the middle of the festivities, Brazilian football director Leonardo ordered Ibrahimovic to take an anti-dopamine test.  How dare Leonard cloud his 4th title?!??! That completely irritated Ibra and he had no other choice than to unleash his fury at Leonard, telling him, “You always ruin everything,” in Italian.  Can somebody explain PSG 5to me why he said it in Italian?  Ibra is Swedish, Leonardo is Brazilian, and this happened in France.

Everyone was obviously shocked. You know those awkward moments when you find yourself caught in the middle of a fight and you have no idea what to do? Well, that is what happened.  I somewhat sympathize with Ibra; who orders a drug test in the middle of a league title celebration? Please let the not-so-poorpoor man rejoice in his fourth domestic league title with some jumping jacks and a beer. For more images of the fight, including the video, click here.

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League - Quarter Finals DrawWhat happened later is worse. While the players extended the celebration to a night in the town, Leonardo spent his time in the hospital.  Allegedly, he was on his way to the airport but collapsed before arriving.  So, he ended up in the hospital, with a stay attributed to stress and fatigue due to overworking himself… and perhaps the fight with Ibra? Who knows? Personally, I would faint on the spot if 6’5” Zlatan yelled at me.

France Soccer PSGThings got uglier on Monday.  A riot broke out between the police and unruly fans in the streets of the French capital. Eighty hundred officers were deployed to the disastrous scene. Twenty-one people were arrested, thirty were injured, including three officers.   This completely brought down the reputation of PSG, especially because they have battled hooliganism for a long time.

This wraps it up; work is over! There is so much drama going on that I would have to write fifteen hours a day in order cover all of it.  There’s more to come tomorrow, including a detailed update on Messi’s injury. 😦

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