Michael Owen Gets Away with Manhandling Mikel Arteta

5 Feb
Owen: "you're getting a punch for this, Arteta!!!"

Owen: “You better watch your back, Arteta!”

Unlike Real Madrid’s Alvaro Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso, Stoke City’s Michael Owen doesn’t slap. He punches. Check out what went down this weekend during Stoke City’s visit to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, which ended in a 1-0 victory for Arsenal:

Apparently, Mikel Arteta challenged Owen pretty bad, and Owen reacted by punching Arteta softly on his upper back. When Arteta attempted to get back at Owen, his Arsenal buddy Jack Wilshere came and pushed Owen himself.  Teamwork at its best, eh?

Wilshere takes matters into his own hands.

What surprised us is that ref Chris Foy saw Owen’s lash, but took no action.  This completely acquitted Owen. Why? Because these are the rules of the game:

According to the FA Handbook 2012-2013, when the referee actually sees the incident but doesn’t call it, the Football Association cannot take disciplinary action retrospectively. (See, we actually learn something in the midst of these brawls.)

This means that Owen has officially gone unpunished.  In his defense, Arteta’s tackle was kinda hard, wasn’t it?

Save your fist pumping for the club, Owen!

Save your fist pumping for the club, Owen!

Coincidentally, I hurt my back at the gym this morning.  I can say that I “feel” Arteta’s pain.


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