Barcelona’s Bubble Bursted in Drama Packed Match v. Real Sociedad

19 Jan

Look at Piqué about to do the walk of shame.

Wait a minute, did it really happen?! Uh, yes it did. That’s right. Barcelona lost. For the first time this season. Against #9 Real Sociedad. That in itself earns an 10 in the scale of stiletto height.

Things were going well for Barça, who was visiting Real Sociedad in its Estadio de la Anoeta in San Sebastián. “La Pulga” Messi opened the scoring in the 7th minute with an assist from Andrés Iniesta. Sixteen minutes later, Dani Alves assisted Pedro in adding another goal. Nothing new, right? I was eating cereal and mindlessly watching the game, on the lookout for any cat fights or smack talkin’. But things got juicy forty minutes into the match.

In the 40th minute, along came Real Sociedad’s “El Chori” Castro and with the help of Carlos Vela, netted a goal past Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés. And then it got worse. The Blaugrana started disintegrating in the second half, similar to when a girl sees her archenemy flirting with her crush. That’s major disintegration.

First, Gerard Piqué was forced to do the walk of shame in the 55th minute for getting two yellow cards. Then, Javier Mascherano turned out to be a subtle backstabber. He deflected “El Chori’s” shot in the 63rd minute, and helped him send the ball right past the fingertips of Valdés and turning the score into a 2-2. Barça almost ended up with 9 players, but the ref decided to overlook Iniesta’s second yellow-deserving foul. These guys don’t understand that getting slutty with the enemy just doesn’t help. Sigh.

The oh-so-mega ultimate b%*#@ slap came in the 91st minute, when Manolo Agirretxe scored Real Sociedad’s third goal of the match, thus ending Barcelona’s winning streak.

I bet Crissy Ronaldo n’ friends are going to host a big slumber party before their game tomorrow, don’t ya think?

Real Madrid slumber party! (


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