Real Madrid v. Celta Vigo – Cristiano the Supermodel, Adiós Sergio Ramos, Mou the Diva

9 Jan


I was a complete wreck today; my nerves were a roller coaster ride because I am at work and cannot access live streaming online.  Luckily, I have a million hours worth of vacation time, so I asked for a few hours off to rush home and watch Real Madrid play Celta Vigo for a place in the Copa del Rey’s quarterfinals. The sacrifice was definitely worth it because there was tons of drama going on.

I give this match a score of 8 in the scale of stiletto height. Here are the reasons why:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Scored a Hat-Trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He may not have won the Ballon d’Or, but CR7 sure scored three goals! This wonder was executed on minutes 3′, 24′ and 87′. Aaaand, as if that weren’t enough, Sami Khedira came through and netted yet another goal in the 89th minute, resulting in a resounding 4-0. This guarantees Real Madrid’s spot in the quarter-finals. Mega show stoppin’ at home.

Ref Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez was done with the players’ fouls; he kicked Sergio Ramos off the pitch for two yellow cards! Ramos earned his first card on the 43rd minute, and the second one on the 72nd minute, resulting in his expulsion.   Augusto Fernández (Celta de Vigo), Andrés Túñez (Celta de Vigo) and Álvaro Arbeloa (Real Madrid) also earned yellow cards. Boys, stop hogging attention the wrong way, por favor.

Jose Mourinho stated this weekend that whoever was RM’s goalkeeper on Sunday would not be so on Wednesday.  Well guess what, Iker Casillas ended up playing BOTH matches! Take that, Mou! This man was a very unhappy diva tonight.  He did celebrate Real’s goals!…by cursing, yelling, and leaving the stage as soon as Khedira put the finishing touches on Ronaldo’s performance. I was laughing too hard every time beIN Sport provided us a shot of his sour face. (I’m desperately brainstorming for a category title for Mou’s behavior, suggestions?)

These are the other scores of today’s Copa del Rey meetings:
Mallorca 2 – 1 Sevilla
Real Zaragoza 2- 0 Valencia

Overall, I’m so glad I took those hours off. They proved to be a ray of sun in this dark winter day. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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